The following was written in 2005. My attitudes towards some mentioned have changed.

I’ve been accused of not respecting anyone or not liking anyone before. This stems from my inherent tendency to criticize and attack everyone’s opinion to see which people have arguments even worth considering. If someone has neither a character nor a position which he can defend, then there is no reason for me to accept it, or even consider it part of an over all grand truth. In any-case, heres a list of people, past and present whom I respect. (this page may be updated randomly, grab a RSS feed reader to know when)

List of respectable people (In no real particular order)


The Movers and Shakers:


Reason: When the Israelites came to Canaan to spy on the city of Jerico and the surrounding regions, they were hid by a woman by the name of Rahab. She also helped them escape from the city. She was revered for centuries along with the great patriarchs of the age. She was also a prostitute. Thats right, one of the most revered of Jewish tradition was a prostitute. Not only that, but afterwards, she probably did not stop being a prostitute, or convert to Judaism until the land had been conquered by the Jews. God used the most looked down upon kind of person to work wonders through. This should be a lesson to fundamentalists who like to point out the flaws in everyone saying they’re not good enough to be God’s.

Solomon The Wise

Reason: Of all the things Solomon could have asked for when God told him he could have anything he wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom. What is amazing to me is what happened afterward. Everyone is obsesses over the face God then gave Solomon gold and crap because of his good answer. Yet no one catches the fact that all the money and women and riches and power he got as a result ruined his mind. Look at Ecclesiastics and you’ll understand his state of mind. All those riches and stuff made him gain wisdom from the fact he concluded it was God, not power or money, that was the true greatness in life. Solomon was NOT granted wisdom instantly when he asked for it as people assume. Instead he was forced to earn it, and because he had everything to replace God with (and he did replace him for a long time) and then rejected it all, he is considered the wisest man to have ever lived.


Reason: If you ever think that you love someone a lot, you probably don’t have anything on this guy. God told him to become a living allegory about Himself and the nation of Israel by marrying a prostitute. Insulting Israel and proving a point at the same time, God showed us what true human love between man and woman should be. Hosea’s wife left him and went out to continue her … business. She was so reckless in her bid to get away from the prophet of God she ended up being sold into slavery. Hosea went looking for her and found her on the slave block being sold. Instead of chastising her or yelling at her, he paid her price and took her home. There’s all kind of analysis in that, but the surface story is what i like the most about him.

Mary, the Mother of God

Reason: The angel Gabriel came to Mary, who was probably 15 (normal marrying age back then you pedos), and told her point blank, “Guess what, God thinks you’re a pretty awesome girl. You get to bare him into this world incarnate.” Now if that happened to anyone else I’m sure they would have thrown a fit or asked “why me?”, but not Mary. She just said “I’m not worthy of such an honor, but I am God’s loyal servant and I will do this without question.” Pretty big words for a young girl in a patriarchal society, who was engaged to a guy at least twice her age. She knew the ramifications of what would happen and what people would say about an unwed girl baring a child. But she didn’t even think twice, nor did she regret it ever.

Jesus the Christ

Reason: Like him or not, think he’s God incarnate or not, Jesus was the biggest shaker of them all. Born in obscurity in a barn in a back water down in some no name provence of Rome, he became the most revered and powerful man to ever walk the earth. He came to die for the creatures called humans who hate God, spit on his word, and reject his own son. He was kind even to those who came to kill him for false allegations and taught others to be as he was (though many didn’t follow this rule..). Billions of people fall at his feet and cry when they hear his name. No one like him every came before, no one has, and no one will.

Paul of Tarsus

Reason: Many people say it was Paul, not Jesus who came up with Christianity. This is a lie. Paul started out killing those who followed Jesus until he was stuck blind by a light on the road to Damascus and told to be Jesus’ servant. Using his Greek learning, his mastery of Jewish law, and his knowledge of the many languages of the Mediterranean, Paul gave strength to the fledgeling religion. As Jesus had come to the Jews who all knew by heart the prophesies and promises of old, Paul went to the Gentiles and logically defined Christianity and how everyone was welcome to the Messiah, not just the Jews. In one lifetime, he spread the Gospels from a small section of Judea to cover the whole of the Roman empire. All while mostly being in prison and just using letters.

St. Thomas Aquinas

Reason: Following in Paul’s footsteps, St. Thomas used logic and reason to explain the gospels to people. His works are still used in references today. Though i have yet to really sit down and read his works throughly, I know from what excerpts I’ve read that he was a brilliant theologian who I really look up to.

Martin Luther

Reason: Ok, yes, he was the first protestant, but he really should have been the only one. He set down really good grievances with the Catholic church. Mainly, he wanted the corruption to stop, the eucharist (communion for your protestants) better explained, for common people to have access to the bible, for people to be able to pray directly to God and not have to go though a priest, and various other things to be sorted out. He was not for splitting off from the church. That was more of Zwingly’s fault for taking the idea of reading your own interpretation into the bible and mounting an army and yadda yadda. True, its a fact Luther started in motion a downward spiral of lunatics reading wild and insane ideas into the bible with no central authority to answer to or rule on disagreements, but he did stand up to a corrupt organization and demanded a return to the church’s original function, serving God.

Winston Churchill

Reason: In the face of the greatest threat to ever show its face on this earth (that would be hitler, not Ashlee Simpson’s voice), Churchill rallied a nation and a world behind him and stood up to the seemingly invincible. Even with bombs falling all over London, he stood strong and refused to back down. He was blunt and not politically correct. He spoke what he thought and he meant everything he said. Something politicians rarely do, if ever anymore.

Benjamin Franklin

Reason: Ok, so he wasn’t the most upright and respectable man in the world. He was a mere theist and even dabbled in black magick some people say, but heres a man who built the greatest nation in the world. He formed the basis of the constitution, was a jack of all trades, an amateur scientist, and inventor. Probably not the best pillar of virtue, but an all around cool guy.


Theodore Roosevelt

Reason: Best president we ever had sounds like a good enough reason. True, he got a little weird after that whole Taft thing, but Teddy was a strong willed and optimistic president. He too spoke his mind and meant what he said. He never backed down even if he knew he was wrong. If anyone gets the chance watch the movie The Wind and the Lionyou’ll see what I mean.


Ronald Reagan

Reason: Arguably the second best president ever, he was an awesome speaker. I don’t care if you think he was an idiot (you moronic liberals) he moved the world when he spoke. He even brought down the USSR by himself when all his opponents said it was too dangerous to confront them and we should leave them alone or risk war. Then after its fall they all took credit for it saying “it was on its way down anyway.” Even so, Reagan never responded with their tactics or sunk to their level. He remained an honest man who feared God and believed the the American people are what make the country strong and not the government.

Rush Limbaugh

Reason: Agree or disagree with him, you have to admit he speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to admit who he is (unlike some people). True, he had an addiction to pain killers after back surgery, but he did the honorable thing by admitting to it on national radio and checking himself into rehab. He opened himself up to scrutiny in a way that no liberal would ever dare. Sure, he’s eccentric and passionate, but at least when he says something you know he really believes it, and not just because people want to hear it.

C.S. Lewis

Reason: The greatest theologian of the 20th century, C.S. Lewis started out a die hard atheist who went looking for ways to disprove christianity using his brilliant mind. Instead he ended up proving the opposite, that christianity was truth, and as a true seeker of truth, when he found it, he embraced it. His story is not unique by any means, but what he does afterward is remarkable. His books and letters have taken people like me who are really seeking truth and not convenience and use our intellects to show us that there is no truth but God and Jesus.

Stephen Hawking

Reason: A brilliant mind stuck in a crippled body didn’t stop Stephen Hawking from becoming the next Isaac Newton and reshaping all of physics and cosmology in a single lifetime. He has written books explaining the most complex of phenomena in a way in which morons like me can understand it. And all from a wheelchair with nothing but a clicker and a talking computer to communicate with the world.


General Cool People:

reasons here will be brief as these are people i just happen to like, not because they’ve done something remarkable, but because i like them =P

Bruce Willis

He was in 5th Element (my favorite movie) and is just a cool actor. He’s also a republican in Hollywood, it takes some big ones to be that.

Sam Waterston

Yeah, he’s a liberal… but he’s just so freakin’ cool on Law & Order as Jack McCoy. He also likes playing Abraham Lincoln and reading to people from Lincoln’s speeches. That and his voice is cool.

Angie Harmon

*drools* Yeah she’s married (dang!) but there’s so much to love about her. She’s one of the few women in media i admire. To start with she’s gorgeous. She was a model. She’s from the south (Texas). She loves football, she even married a football player. She played the awesome ADA on Law & Order, Abbie Carmichael. She left the show and tv to have a family because she said that her husband and family are more important than anything else. She’s a republican, she even spoke at the RNC. And above all, her voice is the sexiest in the world.

Natalie Imbruglia

I don’t know much about her personally, but Natalie Imbruglia’s music is just awesome. Lyrics that actually have meaning is something that you can’t find much anymore. I also think she has the best voice in the world of any pop music singer.

Yoko Kanno

I’m sure no one here has heard of her before, but Yoko Kanno is the BEST musical composer of the century. Japanese, and self taught, she can write anything. From jazz, to classical, to rock, she has written it all. She has her own band called the Seat Belts for whom she plays piano and write the music. A lot of her work is for anime titles such as Escaflowne, Earth Girl Arjuna, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and best known for Cowboy Bebop’s sound track. Her work is unparalleled and she’s not even middle aged yet.

Yuki Kajiura

Another awesome Japanese composer, she wrote the music for the .hack// series as well as Noir and Madlax. She released her own album fiction which has some of her own stuff on it.

Jerry Orbach

The best actor to ever walk on the set of Law & Order, Jerry Orbach set the standard for all TV cops. Quick wit, cool voice, and awesome demeanor made him a joy to watch. He was in musicals and movies before making the jump to TV.

For more info on anyone listed here: check out WikiPedia. It knows everything!

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