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Post this afternoon/evening

Due to books, papers, and tests, oh my, ill write something late this afternoon. Sorry if im keeping anyone in dire suspence.

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Rest for the Weary

So apparently school is out to kill me. No aritcle this week. 8 hours of sleep in 96 hour period saps your brain of working correctly. If anyone wants to write a guest article youre more than welcome. ::nudges people who actually comment on this site::

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E-mail List

I have discovered that many of the people who read this site are not all up on recent technology. Apparently like 3 people know what an RSS feed reader is or how to use one. So instead of trying to drag these people kicking a screaming into the 21st century, I caved and put in an email notification list.

For those of you reading this on Email, “Hi!”  So far only people who have previously commented and family and friends are on the list. I suggest adding this address to a whitelist in your spam filter if you want to keep getting these. If you want off it, theres a link at the end of the email telling you how to get off.
If you’re on RSS and want on Email too, the sign up thing is at the bottom right of the main page.

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Post on Friday

Fiancee wanted to play pool and hang out all day. And since girl > internet, I’m going to write tomorrow while she’s at work. =P

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Sorry for the lack of updates. School is nuts. But spring break is here! Time to catch my breath.

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