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So heres the thing. Now that im working full time -and- going to school -and- trying to have a social life -and- trying to find a girlfriend, I have little time to do much else of anything. So instead of trying to write an article every week, Im going to shoot for every two weeks, which means this Thursday. In the mean time, here is an excellent article (that I didnt write) which discusses not only why taking the bible comepletely litteraly is a stupid idea, but also shows why there is a need for organized religion in sofaras an authority on how to read the bible.

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Coming tomorrow

Yeah, so ive been put up all day with one of the most severe neck aches/spasms ever. Im going to try and writing tomorrow after work.

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Link Holdover

Finals are over and I finaly have time to sit around and write. Expect an article in the next few days. In the mean time, check this link out.

Creationism is a kind of Paganism

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Lack of Postage

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been extremely busy with writing umpteen thousand papers so I can hopefully graduate come May 5th. Anyway, updates will come when and if I find time to write about non-academic stuff. There will be one today though.

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Heres a link

I’ll write the main post later tonight. Untill then, heres a link from fark. I just love the headline they had for it: “Scientists to Creationists: die in a fire

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