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Still not dead, I swear

I’m still not dead. I’m just in the midst of trying to figure things out before I write them down in any kind of permanent fashion. If you’d like to know something, email me and maybe I’ll write about it.

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No.. I’m not dead

No, I’m not dead. Ive just been thinking alot and have not been able to form my thoughts into words yet. Ill try to write something in the next few days though.

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The other blog

Given as this is a religious article site, I didnt feel it prudent to have other musing i have on here. But over the weekend I had a deeply moving experience that I needed very much to share even though it had nothing to do religion. So I posted it on a free wordpress blog. I figure I’ll post there time to time and if it generates any interest I may move it on my own hosting. But for now it only has one article and I just have to share it.

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Preface to “From Noble to Savage”

Ok, so the paper I was going to publish like 2 weeks ago has still gone ungraded. Well, to be fair it could be graded, but I haven’t gotten it back yet. As a result, I’m going to go ahead and post it anyway.

Here is how its going to work. First off, since apparently big papers end up causing people’s brains to melt, I am going to split it into 3 parts. This jives well with the flow of the paper cause it really is 3 papers with an intro and conclusion. I will publish one section per day. Second, because there is a possibility of me using this paper as a master’s thesis or book someday, I am going to omit my citations. That way, if you want to try and copy me you’ll have to find all the sources yourself and I’ll have the undisputed original. If you want the citation version, you can email me and I’ll provide it to you assuming i don’t think you’re out to plagiarize me. Third, this paper was cut to 20 pages due to the paper’s requirements. There is enough fuel in my outline for me to burn out at least 300 pages. So some “obvious” (to history people) events and figures are going to appear to be absent. They arent absent from the thought, only from the paper due to constaints.
That being said, I hope this article(s) will shed a decent amount of understanding on why we are where we are as a western society. This paper will try and show the trend from absolutism in God to the relativistic society we find ourselves in now. If you have any questions or comments or suggestions I really do encourage you to send them in. I actually want feed back on this. Have fun reading.

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I’m not dead

I’m not dead yet, even though I’m sure you forgot about this site and weren’t worried about it too much. I spent the last month researching and writing a paper on the evolution of relativism for a class. I am now waiting to get the paper back so I can post it here without fear of “OMG plagiarism!” Should get it back tomorrow or Friday.

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