Ok ok.. so I gave in. I have a “blog”. However, before you start snickering and calling me a hypocrite, let me just state that this will not be a modern blog. It instead will be a weblog as it was originaly meant to be; a post of musings and thoughts centered around one specific topic.

For 99% of the blogs out there, this “topic” is about one’s sad pathetic excuse for a life and why they will hang themselves tonight because the school served meatloaf but didnt serve it with any cheese! Oh the humanity of it all!

For this log I will be centered around the topic of religion. From Jesus, to the Buddah, to Nicean creed, and all points in between. I will not spout off about my personal life anymore than it pertains to the subject at hand. For one, I’m a very private person. And two, you dont want to fall asleep reading how my day went and if the girl across the hall winked at me.

The purpose of this log is to allow me to express my thoughts on the complex topic of religion and Christianity and how it relates to the rest of the world and allow others to read this and post their views as well. I believe that a good learning experience can be had by all if we sit down and listen to other people’s views on this topic.

Should you for some reason wish to contribute by posting a comment, please, PLEASE, try to keep it brief and to the point. Also, keep it civil. I despise bible bashers as much as I despise persecutors. If you would like to write me a disertation on why you think im a knucklehead, email it to me and i may write you back or post a response on here without posting your name so you dont look like a fool.

Anyway, thats the idea anyway. To get my ideas across and maybe help others and help myself at the same time. Till next time … じゃね。

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