Uncaused First Cause

On every forum in the vast expanse of the inter-web has at least one thread pertaining to the idea of evolution and how anyone of religious belief (read: christians) should just get over the fact that humans, and all livings alike, evolved from green glop on earth some 4.5 billion years ago. And of course in each of these threads there’s some fool christian who just has to say “If you believe in evolution you’re going to goto hell.” Both of these views are both bull in my humble opinion and i personally think that it doesn’t matter how we got here, simply that however we did, God did it. Even so, with that aside, theres a peculiar little thing that evolutionists fail to consider before opening their mouths.

When evolutionists talk about amino acids and other such bio-glop that were floating around on earth in the good old days of pre-life, they seem to take for granted that the very first cell just appeared. Everything else in evolution can be, with a grain of salt of course, believed in. From the first tiny little cell on ward, one can make the argument for species developing based on their environment and circumstances at the time. And when questions about “well where did such-and-such animal come from?” they generally reply with such an explanation

The exception is the first cell, the alpha-cell. In fact for all the times evolutionists call religious types retards for “believing” in a god just creating everything, they seem to ignore the outrageous odds with which they are working with when saying a cell formed out of the primordial ooze. Lets look at these odds a bit more closely.

For starters we need a place for the ooze to be. Fine, lets make an earth. But its not just as simple as, oh heres an earth. We’re going to need some specific factors. First, we need a good ol’ star. A red giant is too big and too cold for a good earth, and a white dwarf has way too much gravity for a solar system to form around it, if theres enough dust around to form an accretion disc in the first place. No, we need a medium sized star, preferably yellow. There are tons of these around, but we need one that forms in a narrow band around the galaxy about 1/3 of the distance from the edge of the spiral arms. (Oh yeah, did i mention we need a galaxy that is as stable as the milky way?) This band on the top and bottom of the galaxy is only probably 10% of the total area of the galaxy and is the only place where tidal forces wont play havoc with a system that forms.

So we have a star now, with an accretion disc (a long shot at best) that probably is a second generation system formed from the leftovers of a supernova before it. Sun forms, there is much rejoicing… oh wait, we still need that earth. Actually, we need more than just earth. We need a Jupiter too. Why? because Jupiter is what protects the inner solar system from being turned into crater city by comets from the Hyper belt. Actually, lets make it several large planets like jupiter. ok, now a proto-earth forms from the dust of the accretion disc, but thats no good. It has no moon, without one, it will wobble all over the place and no climate will ever appear. So we need a large moon that will balance it and keep it at an even keel. Also, the moon has to be moving away from the earth instead of towards it so it doesnt crash into the earth, which would cause a bad day all around. But moons trapped by gravity are almost always moving toward the body that captured it. The only other source of the moon would be the earth itself. Enter another earth, orbiting the sun at about the same distance and earth 1. they smack into each-other, but not just any ol’ smack will do. No, this HAS to be at a very oblique angle, otherwise any debris blow out will fall back in towards the earth because its inside whats known as the Roche radius.

So the two earths merge, we get a moon. Yay! Now we need a magnetic field to protect the earth from the sun. Well wouldn’t you know it, when the two earths merged, their iron cores merged too and started spinning at a different rate than the rest of the planet. Tada! instant magnetic field. Ok, now for some house keeping down on earth.

first we need a rich atmosphere, so we’re going to need volcanoes to belch out CO2 and O2 from the innards of this earth, assuming it has those chemicals to belch out in the first place. Second, we’re going to need water, and LOTS of it. So the volcanoes and ice comets will have to provide that. The star system before this one will have had to have lots of carbon in its star when it novaed so carbon based life can form here. The gravity of earth has to be just right too as does the temperature range, and many many other factors.

Ok so now after all of that, we have merely the conditions where this ooze can form (remember the ooze?). So what is this ooze anyway? Well apparently these random elements like nitrogen, carbon, and other such things, have all met in the same place at the same time on this big planet. Experiments into how they formed have been carried out with success, but it turns out that with the success they had to have a human remove the acids immediately after they formed for they would be destroyed again. so now we have amino acids, the building blocks for DNA. Now, these acids need to form DNA. How? the best we know, they just sort of.. well… do.

Here comes the part that baffles me. Assuming all this has just happened… what then? I mean, DNA is just a double-helix of atoms. It is not alive anymore than a rock is or a plastic. So how does it replicate? How will it have instructions already prebuilt into it that tell it to replicate? And not only that, but it cant replicate on its own. It needs RNA to unzip it and copy it into two identical strands. And then what? assuming RNA just up and appeared at the exact same time as the DNA did, and just happened to be at the same place as the DNA and just happened to know to attach to the DNA and replicate it, so what?

Again, DNA and RNA are not alive, they are simply tiny molecules made up of atoms, there is no intelligence in them any more than there is in my soda can. And even if they were, whats the purpose of replicating anyway? One can’t argue that the atoms had a need to create new molecules, it wouldn’t make sense. But for the sake of moving on, lets say they somehow do have a need and desire to replicate, and do just that. Then what?

Well this alpha-cell forms. Now a cell is a very complex little machine. It gets its instructions on how to split and eat and live, all from its DNA. So this cell just forms? and the DNA in it just happens to be the exact match for the cell? I dont think so!

Cells need a cell wall, two in fact. One permeable and one not. It needs a nucleus for the DNA to be in. it needs mitochondria to produce heat and energy for it. It needs spinerettes to pull DNA apart during mitosis. These and other bits of the cell, if just one was missing the cell wouldn’t be a cell. And this DNA had to tell it how to make a new cell and how to split, and TO split. How did it know to split? How did it know to eat, or absorb food? What if it died?

That one cell, the product of endless odds and good fortune, it dies, or doesnt function correctly and thats it, game over. The odds are just as great that another cell will form as it is to just start over from square one with a new star. Its insurmountable odds like these that make me ask evolutionists “What caused the first cell and everything that went with it?” but they dont know, no more than i do.

One could say “Its a miracle that cell developed at all!” and all i need to do is grin and say “A miracle, yeah..a miracle.”

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